Coronado Brewing Company and Local Frogmen Collaborate on New Brew: “Frog’s Breath IPA”

The Coronado Brewing Company (CBC) has just released its newest India pale ale, a recipe resulting from collaboration between CBC’s brewers and two Navy frogmen.


The beer is called Frog’s Breath IPA. The name derives from the homebrewers’ background as proud members of the US Navy SEAL Team. It is now available in 22oz bottles and on draft at the Coronado Brewing Company.


Andy Rieckhoff, a Navy SEAL instructor (left) and Kyle Chapman, general manager of the Coronado Brewing Company, show off the first bottle of Frog’s Breath as it came off the bottling machine recently.

“It’s really quite unbelievable to walk into the Coronado Brewing Company and see our beer being enjoyed by so many people,” said Andy Rieckhoff, who, along with his fellow brewing partner (who is active-duty and did not want his name made public) came up with the original concept and Frog’s Breath name.

 The two men have made plenty of home brews over the years. Last year they decided to participate in the American Home Brewers’ Association’s Pro Am. The Pro Am requires that all entries be composed of a mix of amateur and professional brewers, so they approached the brewers at CBC, who were happy to work with the Navy SEALS to fine-tune their recipe.

 The beer was so popular with customers that CBC continued brewing it whenever possible, and just recently bottled 2,500 22-ounce bottles of Frog’s Breath to distribute in a limited release as part of their Crown Series of beers.

Frog’s Breath, the newest addition to CBC’s Crown Series of fine beers.

 Such collaborations are not new to the booming craft beer industry, and it is not uncommon for larger companies to seek input from the next generation of brewers.

“With all the excitement surrounding craft beers and home brews, it’s no surprise that interesting, new recipes are coming to the forefront,” said Kyle Chapman, general manager of CBC. “There is a lot of creativity in this industry as everyone is trying to push the envelope and brewing with new ingredients – whether experimenting with barrel aging, producing sour beers or adding new fruits and spices.”

Frog’s Breath IPA derives its bright citrus flavor from Centennial and Summit hops. A blend of citrus peel – lime, orange and lemon peels – was added at the end of the boil to make this IPA astonishingly refreshing. With an ABV of 6.5% (lower alcohol content), IPA fans can enjoy a more “session-able” IPA with this beer.

Frog’s Breath IPA is part of CBC’s Crown Series – an up-market line of beers that includes various specialty, high-end beers such as Idiot IPA, Red Devil, Hoppy Daze, and now the Frog’s Breath IPA.


Hot off the presses or cold off the bottling machine. Metaphors aside, Frog’s Breath sprang to life recently at the Coronado Brewing Company and is now available on tap and in 22oz bottles.

The next Crown Series seasonal release, Red Devil, will be available in August. In addition to the Crown Series beers, CBC continues to create new recipes in their ongoing exploration to please their customers.

Two perfect examples of new creations are Lime Light and Sock Knocker, (both of which are currently available on draft at CBC). Limelight WIT is 5.1% ABV and is a refreshing summer beer brewed with dehydrated lemon and lime peel, chamomile and coriander. Sock Knocker is just what it sounds like, an Imperial IPA that will knock your socks off, with a whopping 8.5% ABV, brewed with an enormous amount of hops (more than 5 lbs. of hops per barrel – the largest amount of hops found in any of CBC’s IPA selections).

As the bulk of CBC’s brewing expands across the bridge to their newly opened Knoxville location, the smaller Brew Pub at CBC will continue to serve as a very convenient testing ground for newer recipes. “It’s always a special feeling to see beers come from humble beginnings, make their way through the bottling process and then discover a larger audience,” said Kyle Chapman. “The good ones always find their way to the top.”