BA Black Forest Cake

Coronado Brewing Company is releasing the next beer in its much anticipated barrel-aged series. Black Forest Cake Imperial Stout is part of the company’s Coronado Collection; “We redesigned this series earlier this year, and we’re excited for fans to try this next batch;” says Mark Theisen, Head Brewer, Coronado Brewing Company. “People loved our German Chocolate Cake release, so we thought it would be fun to take a Black Forest Cake and translate that into barrels.” Barrel-Aged Black Forest Cake began as a complex imperial stout, with layers of toffee, roast, and chocolate. The beer was aged for five months in freshly dumped bourbon and rye barrels, with cherries added for secondary fermentation. A second batch of the base stout was brewed with whole Madagascar vanilla beans and cocoa, before blending with the barrels. “We are really pleased with how this beer turned out,” says Theisen. “You get a lot of the cherries in the nose, and the blurbon character really highlights the vanilla beans, without being too sweet.” Barrel-aged Black Forest Cake finishes at 9% ABV with a lingering cocoa finish. The beer will debut at the company’s Bay Park Tasting Room on Friday, October 20th,in both 22oz bottles and on draft. Limited distribution will begin the following week, while supplies last. For more information about Barrel-Aged Black Forest Cake, please visit Stay Coastal. Cheers.

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The Coronado Collection is our limited release series of barrel-aged liquid treasures. Only the boldest beers enter the barrels, and after months of aging, they emerge transformed. Enjoy now, or cellar for years to come.

This rich and bold imperial stout spent five months in fresh bourbon barrels, before a blend of cocoa,vanilla beans, and cherries were added. The result is our sinfully delicious take on a Black Forest Cake.



9.0% ABV

30 IBU