CBC Welcomes New Manager

He doesn’t sing, he doesn’t dance, but CBC’s new restaurant manager certainly tells a good story. And if you’re lucky, you’ll catch his act at the 170 Orange Avenue location.

Johnny “O” Oliphant brings more than 20 years of restaurant and brewing experience to the job. Formerly hailing from La Jolla, by way of Fresno, Texas and Colorado, Johnny O has developed a tradition of spontaneously jumping up on the bar and regaling his customers with stories.

Not just any stories, but stories steeped in history, and just a bit of blarney, about beer, in particular the Coronado Brewing Company beers. He uses the storytelling to enhance awareness of the CBC brewing process with customers and employees. He’s big on old-style customer service and he uses the stories as a way of educating while entertaining. Audience participation is all part of the show.

Johnny O is a marvelous storyteller, with a flair for the dramatic. “Did you know Cleopatra was the first brewmaster?” He’s not shy, and seems to have no shortage of stories to share. Drop by the Coronado Brewing Company almost any day and say hello.

–Joe Ditler, CBC Publicist/Model T Wrangler

4 Replies to “CBC Welcomes New Manager”

  1. We experienced Jonny O’s unbelievable customer service on 8/24! CBC is very lucky to have him at the helm of the Restaurant. I have never met anyone who treats their patrons like he did! Keep it up and I look forward to my next CBC trip!

  2. Good to see Johnny O at CBC – Great guy! I think I’ve just found my new Brew Pub. Sea you soon!

  3. Johnny O has been a part of our beer lives since he was with Rock Bottom in Dallas. Can’t wait to come see him and partake of some of Coronado’s fine brews.

  4. Johnny, i am the one who had the bad mug club card. Thank you very much for making me a new one and moving my points. Charlotte said she would hold the card for me. This is just a courtesy heads up to let you know i will be out of town for the holiday but will be in right after that. Your beer and staff are outstanding. very truly yours, Larry Erath

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