CBC BLOG | Intro to Crowlers

There’s nothing better than taking home fresh beer after visiting your favorite local brewery. The crowler — a growler/can hybrid — has surged in popularity the last few years and is quickly becoming the go-to vessel for beer fans looking to bring fresh beer home from their local brewery. For those unfamiliar, crowlers are 32oz cans that are filled using a brewery’s draft system, on demand. Once filled, they are capped and sealed using a crowler machine. There are many reasons to embrace the crowler – read on to learn why.

Crowler machine at the Bay Park tasting room.


One of the biggest issues plaguing traditional growlers is that they are very difficult to clean. Dirty growlers lead to off-flavors in beer. Crowlers sidestep this issue altogether as they are single use.

Beer Quality

The quality of the beer tends to be higher for longer in a crowler. For starters, the airtight seal on a crowler helps keep carbonation from seeping out in your fridge. Aluminum is also much better at keeping sunlight out than the traditional brown glass used in most growlers. As a result, crowlers can have a shelf life of up to 72 hours, as opposed to the recommended 24-hour shelf life of a traditional growler.


Finally, and most importantly, there’s the convenience factor. Crowlers allow beer drinkers to take beer home on a whim, even if they forgot to pack their growler.

Next time you’re at one of your locations, take some beer home in a crowler. All three locations are equipped with crowler machines and we offer fills of almost anything on draft any given day.