Rooftop Garden Adds Variety to Coronado Brewing Company Menu

“Right smack dab in the middle of town,
I’ve found a paradise that’s trouble proof,
Up on the roof”

Carole King wrote it, the Drifters sang it and the Coronado Brewing Company (CBC) is putting it on their menu. Last spring, Kasey Chapman, CBC’s award-winning chef, decided he wanted to grow his own vegetables and spices in order to introduce fresher ingredients to his recipes.

Brothers Kyle (left) and Kasey Chapman showing off some of their new hydroponic garden produce. This year they turned the rooftop of the popular Coronado Brewing Company into an innovative garden. Photo by Joe Ditler.

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

“Four to six more weeks.”

These days, that sentence is being uttered around our brewhouse as often as other timeless phrases like “let’s add a ton more hops to that IPA.”

We knew opening a big new facility was going to be a lofty undertaking and steeled ourselves for a long construction period. Even so, getting our 20,000 square foot Knoxville facility(1205 Knoxville Street, San Diego, CA 92110) ready to debut to the public is taking a little more time than we had hoped.

Ron Chapman in front of our 1205 Knoxville property pre-construction.

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Coronado Brewing Company and Local Frogmen Collaborate on New Brew: “Frog’s Breath IPA”

The Coronado Brewing Company (CBC) has just released its newest India pale ale, a recipe resulting from collaboration between CBC’s brewers and two Navy frogmen.


The beer is called Frog’s Breath IPA. The name derives from the homebrewers’ background as proud members of the US Navy SEAL Team. It is now available in 22oz bottles and on draft at the Coronado Brewing Company.


Andy Rieckhoff, a Navy SEAL instructor (left) and Kyle Chapman, general manager of the Coronado Brewing Company, show off the first bottle of Frog’s Breath as it came off the bottling machine recently.

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Emmy-Winning Newsman to Ride as Guest of Coronado Brewing Company July 4th

Joining the festivities at this year’s July Fourth Parade is KUSI TV’s Mike Castellucci, longtime news anchor and Emmy winning host of the unique morning show, “The Office.”

Television news celebrity Mike Castellucci will ride in the 64th Annual Independence Day Parade on
July 4th as guest of the Coronado Brewing Company. Here he is seen with the three
Emmys he received last week acknowledging professional excellence as a television journalist.
Photo courtesy of KUSI TV-51 and Mike Castellucci.

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Welcome To Our Home

Welcome to our new website. We have spent months redesigning our website to fall in line with our new logo, new packaging and new production facility. You can’t tell the players without a program, and please consider this, our new website, the appropriate program from which to learn about our company and plan your next CBC adventure.

On this site you’ll find a mouth-watering tour of our restaurant and kitchen. Our menu is quite popular in Coronado and San Diego and our customers’ input drives the direction we travel when it comes to fine cuisine.

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50th Anniversary of Seal Team One

As our customers know, we’ve long been strong advocates and supporters of our military. When the call came in seeking support for the 50th anniversary of Naval Special Warfare SEAL Team One, all of us at the Coronado Brewing Company knew we had to do whatever we could to supply the event with the very best craft beer available.

CBC has supported a number of other military events over the years, including SUPERSEAL, SEAL Sprint and SUPERFROG, and we have worked closely with veteran SEAL, old friend and long-time Coronadan Moki Martin on charitable events. So this year, when we got a call from Moki, we knew it was our job to make sure no one went home thirsty.

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The History of CBC

The Coronado Brewing Company (CBC) has had tremendous success over the past 16 years, but even our most loyal customers may not know the whole history of this piece of property.

Beginning in 1886 car-carrying ferryboats arrived at this section of town – First Street and Orange Avenue – to offload workers, supplies, and eventually guests destined for the elegant Hotel del Coronado, located on the other side of town.

The Coronado Ferry Landing in 1886. Everyone coming to Coronado came through the Coronado Ferry Landing for many years, as the Silver Strand was nothing more than a slushy sandbar. Notice the various modes of transportation. From top left, the ferryboat Silvergate; to the right is the ferryboat Coronado with steam up; and on the other side of the building is the ferryboat Benecia. A steam locomotive stands ready to carry two excursion cars filled with people; while two horse-drawn carriages stand at the ready to the far right.

While people waited for the ferry, or for their ride across Coronado, they would shop and stroll. It didn’t take long for early entrepreneurs to realize opportunity existed at this end of town too.

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