Mango Sprinkles

Our 2019 ART SERIES has evolved to feature photography submitted by our Instagram fans.  The fourth winner of our contest is Wyland Szabo, an Oceanside-based aerial photographer. Szabo’s aerial shot of multi-colored surfboards in the water was the inspiration for “Mango Sprinkles”.

Mango Sprinkles Hazy IPA is a playful twist on the popular haze craze.  The brewers started with a hazy IPA recipe and upped the ante with fresh mango puree.  The beer is then fermented with a centuries-old strain of Norwegian farmhouse ale yeast, called Kveik (Norwegian for yeast).  This yeast strain imparts esters of lime and citrus, to perfectly complement the mango and hop character.

Mango Sprinkles Hazy IPA is the fourth in series of four beers in the 2019 Art Series.  We’re proud to be supporting emerging artists whose roots perfectly align with our stay coastal lifestyle.